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Eric Brunt’s Flux Snowshoes

Price: NA

Due to the wide surface area of traditional snowshoes, your natural gait tends to be misaligned giving rise to poor posture and poor balance. Eric Brunt has designed a snowshoe that uses a “kinematic folding mechanism” that shrinks the footprint when the shoe is lifted, enabling a more natural gait without sacrificing the benefits offered with a wider surface area.  



I’m super excited to announce that I’ll be partnering up with @traveloregon during my Pacific Crest Trail hike starting in just a few short days! I’ll be taking over their @instagram account (as well as continuing to post on mine @littlecanoe) for the month to help inspire and motivate folks to get outside and explore the vast beauty of the Oregon wilderness. Follow along on their account for updates and photos of some of the most wonderful scenery Oregon has to offer!

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